Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Eminem Video Premiered Yesterday on MTV

And is Already on Its Way to Becoming His Next Hit Single...

Rapper Eminem released a new video today for the first single off his latest album. The Eminem We Made You video hit the internet by storm, first premiering on, and quickly making its way around the net.

Eminem - we made you photos

Eminem Releases New Video for Single We Made You Off His Next Album
The new Eminem song is of course in the same flavor as past music he has
Eminem Releases New Video for Single We Made You Off His Next Album released, poking fun at quite a few
celebrities, including many of which he portrays in the video. This is the fist single of the new Eminem album Relapse, which has a scheduled release date of May 19th.

Eminem has been out of the spotlight for a while now, and it has really allowed him to put together some good music and take the industry by storm again. As the full album hasn't been released just yet there is a lot that still has to be revealed, but if the first single is any indication, this could be a very funny album. Dr. Dre is once again the producer for Eminem, and 50 Cent makes an appearance in the video as well. This is the first video that Eminem has put out in like five years, and it is definitely another interesting look into pop culture and some of the celebrities that have been developed in the last few years.

In the We Made You video, nobody is of limits as Eminem makes fun of Jessica Simpson while playing the role of Tony Romo, he also pokes a lot of fun at Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Sarah Palin, and works out a skit on a set of Star Trek. He also takes on the persona of Elvis and Bret Michaels at different moments in the song, and there are a lot of times where it's hard to imagine where he came up with the ideas for the video. For those who have liked Eminem's brand of humor for some time now, this is an album that will not disappoint, and it could be a smash success very soon.

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